Welcome to the website of the Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics FEEI TUKE

Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics of FEEI provides mathematical lessons for bachelor and engineer degree students at FEEI TU of Košice. At the same time, members of the department particiapate on the research at the Technical University.

Our mission is
  • to support and develop education based on creativity, in the spirit of humanity and democratic traditions
  • contribute to the development of education and culture
  • contribute to the growth of scientific, technological and economic standards of citizens and society as a whole
In this activity, the values we profess are important to us
  • the education we provide is socially necessary and available
  • every student tries to succeed and is responsible for his behavior
  • every student has the opportunity to develop their abilities, creativity, spirit and soul
  • the atmosphere at the department is mutually respectful and cooperative
  • decision-making and management is based on the principle of the best option for students and staff